Insurgo, Insurgi, Insurrectum,

Rise up, Rebel, Revolt.

"Castiel, I'm told you came here in a car. What was that like?"

"Um, slow, confining."

"You peculiar thing."

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aspecialprovidence - {For Victor} Sophia's eyes went wide as she stepped into the room. She hadn't expected to find him here, but the movements and sounds he was making were certainly more of a surprise than his presence. She had been trained not to think anything of such things, but she couldn't help but wonder what he was dreaming of. "Victor? I brought the vodka you were wanting..." she said finally, nudging him to wake him.
My muse is clearly having a very vivid dream, their body reacting to it in a very sexual manner, panting and writhing in reaction as they sleep. It seems that whatever or whoever they are dreaming of is doing a good job of turning them on. Send me your muse’s response to walking in and finding them like that.

The angel had passed out on the couch about twenty minutes ago, and of course that was enough time for his tainted mind to dream up something that would’ve been much more satisfying if he was awake and it was real. The things he imagined about that woman was embarrassing to say the least. He awoke with a bit of a jump and quickly moved the blanket that was messily draped over him over his crotch almost out of instinct. He looked to Sophia. “Huh? Oh, yea, just set it on the table.” He sighed and buried his face in his hands.

My muse is clearly having a very vivid dream, their body reacting to it in a very sexual manner, panting and writhing in reaction as they sleep. It seems that whatever or whoever they are dreaming of is doing a good job of turning them on. Send me your muse’s response to walking in and finding them like that.

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everybody has that one fictional character that they irrationally adore above all others and will defend to the death and you just get super happy and excited whenever you see their face on your dash

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How old is this photo.

Because it’s set up like Grandpappy sitting on the rocker telling the youngin’s about his youth.

But at this point in history it looks like one old guy took the only chair and made the rest of his elderly friends sit on the pavement because he’s the senior senior.

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5/50 of andrew scott being a cutie

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He got a text in the first hour, which made him feel easy, he got another for the second hour which made him think that he was gonna be fine. There was no text, NOR call even which made him worry.

          Jackson was having a wonderful time at the party and made sure to check in a the assigned time for his benefit. He was very cautious and didn’t leave his drink unattended once for his own purposes. But he must’ve had his head turned just the right way with his eyes off of his drink for a second too long. Someone slipped something in his drink.

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Chase had his eyes closed for most of his music. He enjoyed the warm sun on his skin, knowing it was his Father’s doing. He hummed as he slowly opened his eyes to see the chalk drawing. He gave a small gasp at the beautiful comparison. He looked up to see the artist walking away. He ran after him.
"Hey! Wait up!"

          Normally Liam would have kept walking and ignored the voice behind him. But It did sound vaguely familiar and it wouldn’t be the first time that someone wanted to catch up to him and compliment him on his work. "Yea?" He said, turning around.

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                     🎧              Billie Joe chuckles some, “Ooh, that might be interesting for another time.” The fallen grins and kisses his back with just as much passion that he was being given. He lets out a low groan in the kiss as the other’s hips start moving.

          "Another time. Rory grins with a small nod. He leans down again and presses his lips against the other’s once more, his hips grinding downward more forcefully.

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Coffee Shop Meeting || Closed ||


imageBlake finished cleaning his hoodie off and turned back towards him. He rubbed the back of his neck and laughed when he talked about how clumsy and awkward he was. He sounded like himself, so he wasn’t annoyed in the slightest. He knew what it was like to be a total dork in public and bring unwanted attention. “Well, if you really want to make it up to me, you could buy me a coffee. ” He joked. “You don’t actually have to. I’m just messing with you. ”  

          “No, man, it’s cool. I was actually going to offer.” Uriah insisted, setting his coffee at the table he was at previously and getting back in line. “So, what’s your name, and what would you like me to buy for you?” He asked.

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I’ℓℓ Hєℓρ Yσυ || Pυяgє AU || Cℓσѕє∂ RP || Bυяηтвяєα∂ρєєтα



Peeta pressed himself up against the cover, trying to keep himself hidden from anyone nearby. “A gun- I’ve never fired a gun before.” He admitted to him as he took the gun, it felt so alien to him. But he’d have to get used to it quickly, it could mean life or death to him. “Thank you…. I think we can make it, if we keep low and avoid crowds.”

          “All you need to know about guns is: keep your finger off the trigger if you’re not shooting it, keep the safety on at all times if we’re safe, don’t hold your arms straight out when shooting, it’ll hurt like hell, just be careful. Sirius instructed, moving to dash out from behind the cover. “You ready?”

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She took her purse in hand, lifting it up to rest on her shoulder. “Are you driving or shall I?” she offered. 

          “Actually I was thinking that we could walk to this really nice pub about a half mile from here. It would give us a chance to talk while being sober for a bit. He suggested.

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"Well, that one with the shaggy brown hair. He is mine. But the tall african one is yours." He says humming slightly as he gave a slight chuckle. He sighs as George,the headmaster, gets up to speak. 

          "Well, as you may know, I’m the headmaster. All I have to say for now is welcome, and please try not to kill yourself on the moving staircases. We don’t need anymore bloodstains in the castle. You will now be sorted into your houses respectably.

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insurgi - ✢-Tanner because of reasons.

666-askfortheking -

"Tanner? What are you doing out in the rain? You’ll catch a cold." He ushered the boy inside, snapping up a towel before picking Tanner up in it and beginning to wipe off the water.


Crowley leaned down a bit to be at eye level with the boy, eyes melting to crimson at the same time. “Next time you get one without telling me exactly what and exactly where, you won’t leave the pit for a week.”

         Tanner swallowed. "Yes, sir. He replied, voice small. He could tell when he could push his father’s limits and when to back off. Now was one of those times where he decided to back off.

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